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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kabbalah Art

KabbalArt and Kabbalah Art

  If you search for kabbalart you will find many different artist all had a similar idea.
I purchased the domain name in May of 1999. 
My name is Felice Eliscu.

 Recently I discovered KabbalArt Australia

  KabbalArt Australia is owned by Darren Stein.

"Kabbalart (AUSTRALIA) provides creative and accurate Kabbalistic Art and Protective Amulets through our experienced artist and Kabbalist, Darren Stein. With degrees from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Darren will customize our art and amulets to your particular protective and spiritual requirements, be they for protection, health, pregnancy, business success, or a quest for love.

Email any questions directly to: " " 

How it works:

"Our gallery contains examples of a number of artworks and amulets created by Darren Stein. Similar items can be purchased in their current form or you can email the artist in order to request a specific amulet to suit your particular needs. The size and complexity of the artworks in the gallery should provide you with some guidelines to the price of similar items. Our "Downloads" and "News" sections will provide you with a more comprehensive guide to the nature of Kabbalistic Amulets."

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